I love a clean email. What I love more than that is when things are automated for me.

I’m gonna show you how to add filters that automatically apply labels, star, move, remove and other actions to new emails depending on their content.

Opening your gmail you can see a column on the left side, where you have your “Inbox”, “Starred”, etc…

Those are all labels.
You can create more labels, and then you can automatically assign incoming emails to them.

Think of the labels as folders. You can have Gmail sort your emails for you with some tinkering.

First, create a new label.
To do that, go to Settings -> Open the tab “Labels” -> Press “Create new label” in the last paragraph. You can even nest labels under other labels.

GmailI will be creating a label named “Education

After adding a new label, go to the tab “Filters and Blocked Addresses” and click the text “Create a new filter“.

The search bar should open-up and display a menu. In the “Has the words” section, write all words that you think an email belonging to your newly added label will contain.
For my “Education” label, I will be adding words like “university” or “study”.
To add words you need to separate them by “OR”, keep all those letters capital.
For example: “university OR study OR books OR teaching”.
After that, click the button “Create filter with this search” on the bottom of the menu.


A new menu will appear.

Take a look at all the options you have.
In my example, I’ll be selecting the “Apply the label” option and choosing the “Education” label I just created.


Now all of my incoming emails will be tagged as “Education”.